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1/30/2018 Jacob Saul My favorite Koontz novel is watchers I own 36 hardbacks other anthers is R.L. Stine Gary Paulson which is my favorite book woodsong. Some Steven King but Dean Koontz is my favorite author. An favorite recent quote was from a world war 2 book about pilots from transitioning from the spitfire to the mustang an its `you learn how to fly the P-51 mustang on the flight to the target` Add Comment   
12/28/2017 Ray Ashley First book i read by Dean Koontz was the House of Thunder. Ever since then i have been an advid reader! I own just about every koontz book. Just recently read the Quiet corner.  Add Comment   
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10/7/2017 Jessica My favorite Dean Koontz book so far is watchers! Excellent writer, I truly enjoy reading his books!  Add Comment   
7/4/2017 Treena The bad place Add Comment   
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